The importance of embracing fan rituals in the digital transformation

The supporters and fans are modern tribes, with symbols, rituals, songs and artifacts. Ignoring that in the digital transformation from paper tickets to mobile ticketing, from printed game magazines to online blogs etc. could damage the fans loyalty. 
Sales modelling customer journey

Digitalization is profoundly changing sales modelling

As up till now, sales modelling has focused on the patterns of groups and segments, but the technology allows for individual fitted sales models. Paradigm is switching from understanding customers, to understanding one customer at a time. Modelling the sale of ice-cream would most likely indicate that the majority buys more ice-cream when the temperature is high, and that has been effective knowledge, but what about that one person that buys an ice-cream every time he has been to the dentist, no matter the temperature?
Data ownership

How data ownership is defined, and indications that you might not have it.

Full data ownership has, for various reasons, become increasingly important in the ticketing industry. Wanting and demanding full data ownership is however not the same as actually obtaining it. 
Persuasive design brains

Persuasive design in digital ticketing

The basic principles, elements and techniques that persuasive design uses to influence human behaviour and decision-making, is crucial to growing ticket sales in a digital and mobile age. Persuasive design should be used to enhance the ticket buying process, making it more personalized, engaging and convenient.
Seasonal labour

Enhance the value of Seasonal Employees

About the well-known challenges and obstacles, connected to employing seasonal and part time labour in the Attraction industry. How modern technology can enable and enhance the individual staff member, heightening the value of their work for guests, company and themselves.

5 Trends defining 2023

Whereas 2021 was expected to be the big return for the entire venue business, it never really caught momentum, and 2022 didn’t change that for several reasons. So, what does 2023 have in store for the venue, event, sports, attraction, and exhibition community? 
Esben Haldings udtalelser om dansk fodbold og data

Football and Data

An exciting season has started in Danish football's Superliga and 1st division. Hopefully on the field, but also with new data and insight into what is going on in the stands.
Jakob Norgaard Mortensen om store oplevelser - Great experiences

Great experiences

There are many different systems for handling ticket sales and customer data, where you can gather knowledge about your users. Other systems can help with access control, and others in turn provide cash registers. There are plenty of systems.
Corona og tryghed Walther

Corona and safety

Managing preventive healthcare requires a well-thought-out flow that starts when the customer buys a ticket or goods, and lasts until after the event or visit. It must be perceived as seamless by the guests, and be easy for the organisers.
Metal Ligaen har fået abonnement løsning på billetter igennem Venue Manager

Sports On Subscription

When the ice hockey players of the Metal League stepped onto the ice on Friday for the four opening matches of the season, it was also the start of a new way of buying tickets for matches.