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Access control has different needs for sports, rides, and festivals. See how we address them with wristbands, tickets, access turnstiles and hand scanners, even if the internet connection fails.

The most beautiful festival in Denmark optimizes the framework for all the fun, festive and entertaining thanks to several digital solutions from Venue Manager.

We are building and expanding at Venue Manager. A lot has changed in 2021 and there are great things on the way – so we look forward to the new year. It almost feels like getting to start over, even though we are far from needing a fresh start.

Venue Manager has a wide range of customers with the common denominator being that they are organizers of experiences and entertainment.

On April 30, Universe Science Park in Als opened for a new season of learning and rides.

The digitisation of Köln Galopp (Kölner Renn-Verein 1897 eV), a traditional gallop track located in the Weidenpescher Park, is accelerating. Köln Galopp has entered into an agreement with Venue Manager for the Venue Manager system itself, Venue Access and the Venue App.

We are delighted to welcome Dyrehavsbakken as a new customer and partner.