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Access control has different needs for sports, rides, and festivals. See how we address them with wristbands, tickets, access turnstiles and hand scanners, even if the internet connection fails.

The VIP module for handling sponsorship collaboration has been expanded to enable following up on usage as well as management by match type. This saves a lot of manual labour and increases service for the sponsors.

VenueManager.net has been through a major redesign. This means more content about products and solutions, and more content about all employees in the company, which has grown.

There is great potential and high ambitions in Danish sports companies. But the digitisation strategy is being eaten up by culture. There is a lack of knowledge and energy to unleash the potential.

A new report shows that shutdowns of major events, such as music festivals and sporting events, made no major difference to the spread of Covid-19.

For several years Venue Manager has held network meetings for several clubs. These were paused when COVID-19 made it impossible to meet physically, but the value of gathering to discuss challenges, ideas, and opportunities was revived in November.

The German football club Wehen Wiesbaden continues to invest in its digitalisation journey.